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Dsegh IBA's mountainous landscape with its natural rock formations gives a precious opportunity to have a great climbing experience here.

Use your chance to feel the heartbeat of Dsegh mounts and to overcome the challenges of Lori Marz (Region).

For recreation and sport, for enjoyment in nature, to admire the scenic places, and for outdoor fun – these climbing is all about.

Find a balance in both your movements and your life, so you can climb higher.

Discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed change your perceptions about yourself, allow you to find confidence, insight, and hidden sources of strengths, an effort that requires a unity of mind and body to succeed.

Experience the great outdoors by giving eagle-eye views of the world from lofty mountain summits of Lori mounts, increasing your mental health and physical fitness under the sky of Armenia.

Climbing is often a risky sport that requires both skill and nerve for success but climbing tools and equipment. We can offer you ropes, harnesses, pitons, cams, nuts, carabiners, and climbing helmets, which are used to lessen the risks of climbing and gravity, and to keep you safe when you are out having fun.




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