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Nature Trail #2

Visitor Center – «Qarasun Mankants» monastery – Visitor Center


The trail can only be hiked. It is 2 km long and can be crossed in 1 hour, its difficulty is rated as easy. The trail starts at Visitor Center, then winding through the narrow village roads turns towards the magnificent Debed River canyon, where the ruins of «Qarasun Mankants» monastery can be found.

By standing at the edge of the canyon one can enjoy the unique beauty of the opening expanse. The stony trail that goes down the hillside gets steeper at some places and one might need to hold on the rocks and shrubs, however the surrounding natural beauty makes you forget about these obstacles. Far behind one can see the junction of rivers Dzoraget and Pambak from which takes its source one of Armenia's largest rivers, River Debed. «Qarasun Mankants» monastery dates back to 13 c. and is located in an old settlement colloquially named «Takhter».

On the way back the trail follows along the edge of the canyon, where near the Khachkar (Cross-stone) the great Armenian writer Hovhanness Tumanyan loved to sit. This place inspired him to create multiple novels about his native land: «...and an ancient Cross-stone memorial seen out of a rock like a man silently peered into the canyon...»

In Dsegh village the visitors can experience the couleur locale. All along the trail they can see a great variety of birds like Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, Lammergeyer and other interesting rarities as well as reptiles and many insects.

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