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Tumanyan House-Museum

Tumanyan house museumHovhannes Tumanyan was an Armenian writer and public activist, and he is considered to be the national poet of Armenia. The birthplace of All Armenian poet H. Tumanyan (1869-1923) in Dsegh village of region Lori was turned into House-Museum in 1939.

Tumanyan wrote poems, quatrains, ballads, novels and fables, critical and journalistic articles. His work was mostly written in realistic form, often centering on everyday life of his time. Born in the historical village of Dsegh in the Lori region, at a young age Tumanyan moved to Tiflis, which was the center of Armenian culture under the Russian Empire during the 19th and early 20th centuries. He soon became known to the wide Armenian society for his simple but very poetic works.

Many films and animated films have been adapted from Tumanyan's works. Two operas: Anush by Armen Tigranian and Almast by Alexander Spendiaryan, were written based on his works.

This museum, situated in a highland village place, has been included as branches in the Museum of Literature and Art in different times. Almost 300 valuable objects representing the activity and life of the great writer are preserved here.

The building of the House-Museum has been reconstructed by the financial assistance of Mr. Guntakchian and his wife Mrs. Puchikyan from Diaspora. The exposition has also been renovated.

The bust of the poet (created by A. Urartu, in 1953) is put in the yard and a chapel, where the heart of the poet is preserved, has been built in 1994 in the yard of the museum.

The magnetic force of the outstanding poet, prose writer and national figure attracts thousands visitors to be associated with his sacred relics. Memorable anniversaries concerning the poet, great celebration and annual Tumanyan days are organized in this museum.


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