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Levon Harutyunyan

Levon Harutyunyan was born and grew up in Armenia. Since childhood he has been in love with nature and liked to explore the environment, wild animals and plants.As he grew up he decided to turn his love for nature into profession: he went to Yerevan State University to study Biology where he is still a student expanding his knowledge to the field of ornithology. In 2012 Levon started his professional career in Khosrov State reserve (the largest in the country) working as a zoology field assistant and focusing on bird monitoring during his research. Having improved his knowledge and experience in this field he moved to the Institute of Zoology of NAS Armenia. Being a young researcher he had a chance to participate in different scientific excursions working side by side with lead conservationists and ornithologists, who helped him gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Having explored the diverse nature corners of Dsegh and Armenia and admired by the beauty and wonders offered by the country’s Nature he shares his field experience and breathtaking stories with great enthusiasm. He does his best to show and present in detail Armenia’s natural richness and beauty and all that is hidden from visitors.

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